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Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

This blog will be a helpful guide of how to do full body workouts with resistance bands.

While spot training can be useful for athletes targeting specific muscle groups, most of us want to optimize our workouts for maximum potential in the shortest amount of time. Busy schedules, traveling, and daily life can create obstacles from implementing a regular workout regimen.

Implementing a full body resistance band workout will help you meet the needs of your exercise routine.


Training using a full body resistance band exercise workout is an efficient way to increase strength, endurance, and definition. If you’re unfamiliar with circuit training, it is a workout where you perform multiple exercises targeting different muscle groups with brief rest intervals between. However, the rest is minimal since you alternate working different body parts while your other muscles are resting. A full body resistance band workout routine should include all of the major body muscles, including chest, back, legs, core, and arms. With your full body resistance band workout routine, you should aim to perform two different exercises for each body part during each workout.

For example, after one complete circuit workout that hits every muscle group, if you’re in a groove and have the time you should think about adding another circuit. Your full body resistance band workout can be spliced into any workout or can easily become an entire mobile workout. At a minimum, we recommend trying to workout at least three times a week. 

One of the things that makes full body resistance bands great is that you can use them anywhere, anytime. Sometimes the hardest part of working out is just getting ready and driving to the gym. In addition, if you are trying to do a full circuit training workout, you might get delayed waiting for a machine or piece of equipment which impacts your momentum. Full body resistance bands can be used at a gym, at home, in the park or on the road in your hotel room.

Try our mobile gym kit for the perfect combination of everything you need for a full body workout. Listed below are the best full body resistance band exercises for increasing size and enhancing definition.

Resistance Band Chest Exercises

Chest Press

This essential exercise should be included in every circuit training workout to enhance your pecs.

Chest press instructions:

  1. Wrap the resistance band around a pole or [stationary object] and grab the ends of it in each hand. The middle of the band should be positioned chest high and turn around with your back to the pole.

  2. Begin feet shoulder width apart, with your body steady.

  3. Push the resistance bands out in front of your body and extend your arms.

  4. Maintain control of the tension as you return to the starting position, in order to keep working your chest muscles.

  5. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Chest Flys

Chest flys are a great exercise to include in your full body resistance band workout. They are a great substitute for free weights because they add an ascending resistance and reduce your risk of tearing or straining your outer pecs muscles.

Chest fly instructions:

  1. Lay on a flat bench with the band looped under the bench. You can also do chest flys with resistance bands by sitting in a chair and wrapping the band behind the chair.  With your arms extended and fists facing each other, grab each end of the band.

  2. Keep your legs still while maintaining a tight core.

  3. Slowly open your arms away from each another as far as you can go.

  4. Your arms should be straight without locking your elbows.

  5. Pull your arms back to the starting position as you squeeze your pecs.

  6. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Resistance Band Leg Exercises



When this fundamental exercise is done with resistance bands you will see a significant increase in size and strength on your quads, glutes and the lower body muscles. Free weights can cause knee and back pain, but full body resistance bands provide less wear and tear on your joints.

Try our 41-inch resistance band for this workout!

Instructions for squats:

  1. Stand on the resistance band with both feet hips width apart, and grab each end of the band with your hands.

  2. Lift the band to shoulder level, with your palms facing forward and the band behind your arms.

  3. Stand up straight while keeping your back flat, head straight chest up and your elbows back.

  4. If you have never performed a squat with free weights, bend your legs as if you were sitting in a chair.

  5. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions while maintaining your weight on your heels.


The lunge is considered one of the most effective leg exercises because it builds dynamic strength across your entire lower body.  


Instructions for lunges:

  1. Stagger your feet with one foot in front and stand on the band with the front foot.

  2. Grab the end of the band in each hand and lift your hands to shoulder height.

  3. Keep your back straight, head up, chest up and elbows back.

  4. Lower your hips down until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.

  5. Push through your front foot as you raise your hips and straighten your front leg.

  6. Keep your knee over your toes as you lower and raise your body through the movement.

  7. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Standing Calf Raises

A great lower body has to include those sexy, muscular, defined calves. Add this exercise into your full body exercise band workout to round out your lower body workout and draw some attention to those calves.


Instructions for standing calf raises:

  1. Secure the resistance bands to the bottom of a door, sturdy chair, or stand on one end.

  2. With your back to the door, grab each end of the band and move 1 - 2 feet away from the door.

  3. Lift your hands at shoulder height.

  4. Keep your back straight and head up while you perform the movement.

  5. Lift both of your heels off the floor and try to stand on your toes as high as possible.

  6. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Resistance Band Back Exercises

Many times people focus on just their chest, arms and legs and forget about the back. Incorporating back exercises into your full body exercise band workout will ensure that you maintain an healthy equilibrium and none of your muscle groups fall out of whack.

Bent Over Back Row

Targeting the latissimus dorsi, bent over back rows can be done anywhere with full body resistance bands. While performing this exercise, focus on restricting your arms to isolate the “V-Tapered” muscles on your back.

  1. Place the band on the floor and with your feet shoulder width apart, stand on the resistance band. You can either elevate one foot (such as in the image) or keep both feet flat on the floor.

  2. Grasp the band and get into a squatting position.

  3. Keep your arms down, back and head straight, chest up, shoulders back and knees bent.

  4. Pull the band up and draw your hands towards your chest.

  5. Return to the initial position while maintaining constant resistance on the band so you are never truly resting.

  6. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Standing Back Extension

This is a great part of your full body exercise band workout to keep your back to feeling healthy, strong and pain free. This exercise targets the spinal erectors which are the muscles that run along your spine.


  1. Wrap the band around a sturdy drawer or another heavy piece of furniture.

  2. Facing the anchor point, grab the end of the band with each hand.

  3. Position your body far enough away from the anchor point so that when you bend forward, your head is close to it, but doesn’t touch it.

  4. Keep your back flat, arms straight and head up.

  5. Stand up straight against the resistance until you are fully upright.

  6. Return to the initial position while maintaining the tension.

  7. Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Resistance Band Arm Exercises

Regardless if you want stronger or beefier arms, or toned toned and chisled arms, then should always incorporate arm exercises into your full body resistance band workout.

Bicep Curls

This exercise is a popular one targeting the biceps and is like regular curl performed with dumbbells.

Bicep curl instructions:

  1. Grasp each end of the band and step on the middle of full body resistance bands. They should be in the center of your feet. You can either pull one side of the band through the other (similar to image above) or grasp each side individually. You can also insert a stick or, as pictured above, to help stabilize the weight.

  2. With your back straight and feet shoulder width apart, keep your chest and head up.

  3. Start by having your arms fully extended and by your sides with palms up.

  4. Pull the bands up towards your chin while maintaining constant tension.

  5. Slowly lower your hands back to the beginning point and repeat.

  6. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Overhead Triceps Extension

This one arm triceps exercise is perfect to increase the size and strength of your arms. It specifically targets the triceps and will work them unbelievably hard.

  1. Stand on the middle of the resistance band and grab the end of the band with your active arm.

  2. Keep your back straight and your head up.

  3. With your elbow pointed up, raise the band until it is right behind your head.

  4. Lift the band above your head, until your arm is almost completely straight.

  5. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions for each arm.

Rubberbanditz resistance bands come in a wide variety of colors, lengths and maximum tension ranges. We have a variety of exercises published on our site to help you curate a dynamic workout.

Join the Rubberlution today and start using full body resistance bands to get a complete workout no matter where you are.

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